VW Golf R: In Testing
During the first start I had a grin that was from ear to ear and it kept growing once i took it out for a drive. The exhaust note is perfect and surprisingly for a non-resonated system there was no drone in the cabin which was a super +++. Performance wise, the car's response was rapid and extremely smooth.
The newest car on the Milltek fast fleet, the Volkswagen Golf R, has been fitted with the latest prototype cat-back exhaust system featuring an Active Exhaust Valve (AEV). The AEV is a vacuum-operated flap which works on one of dual tailpipes. When closed, the valve helps to keep the sound volume to a minimum - 86dB on a static test to be precise - but when you put your foot to the floor the valve opens up and releases everything that the 2.0 turbo engine has to offer. This feature certainly makes the Golf R a very easy companion to live with on the everyday commute, remaining very civilised when cruising and only releasing its vocal attributes when you want it to.

This particular exhaust system has been fitted with enlarged 100mm dual black ceramic-coated tailpipes to match the black rear valance - it looks great and makes the exhaust a subtle but strangely innate addition to the car, until the AEV opens at least.

The system has already been subject to testing on the race track and will available at your nearest Milltek stockist soon. Keep an eye on this website for further information and to find out when it's fully ready for release.